Anesthetics & Sedation Dentistry

The dentist’s office isn’t a very relaxing place for some people. In fact, it can be downright scary, especially for kids. At Dr. Stubb’s office, we are equipped to give you the dental care you need in the most comfortable way possible, and that often includes sedation dentistry.

There are a few different medications that we use to help the dental experience be less tense and less painful. Some are administered locally to help take away the pain. Others are administered to help you relax during the procedures Dr. Stubbs performs, and these can be given in a variety of ways.

Sedation dentist north salt lake cityFor some treatments, we’ll put you into a deep sleep. To decide which is the best kind of sedation or anesthetic for you, Dr. Stubbs will consult with you. You’ll often have some options to choose from. The type of procedure you’re receiving, your health history and allergies are some of the factors that must be considered. A root canal will require different medication than a filling, for example.

These are the different levels of sedation:

  • Minimal: You’re relaxed and awake.
  • Moderate: You’re sleepy but awake.
  • Deep: You’re barely awake.
  • General anesthesia: You’re unconscious.

Anesthetics block nerves that sense and transmit pain, which also results in that numbing feeling most of us are familiar with.

Children and Anesthesia

Parents are sometimes anxious about anesthesia for their children. At our office, we are well qualified to provide anesthesia appropriately and safely. We make sure to use the smallest possible dosage to get the desired pain blockage and relaxation. You’re child will be carefully examined prior to sedation, and carefully monitored during the entire process. Sedation dentistry can be a very important tool in helping children get the dental care they need.

Remember that dentists everywhere use these techniques millions of times every year without negative consequence.