General Dentistry

Family Dentistry

Family comes first, and this still holds true in Dr. Stubbs’ dental office. We’re happy to serve families of North Salt Lake, Salt Lake City and Bountiful, and we’re equipped with both the modern dental technology and the highest level of training to give your family the best possible treatment. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on having one of the best waiting rooms you’ll ever experience, with Netflix, Pandora and headphones. We’re a completely digital office.

When it comes to children, dental care is vital. Preventing tooth decay in our young ones can save them a load of problems down the road. Regular dental checkups for all of your kids is vital for keeping serious dental issues at bay.


Dental fillings are meant to replace the damage done to the teeth by cavities. Most everyone will need a filling at some point in their life. We provide options for you to get the best fillings, both in terms of comfort and visually. For example, at Stubbs Dental we provide tooth colored, mercury free fillings. We’re all about modern dental care.

Preventative Dentistry

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” the old saying goes, and we believe that. Dr. Stubbs is committed to offering his patients all the latest technology and preventative dental services to make sure that dental problems are prevented and not just treated. Dr. Stubbs is proud to offer DIAGNOdent technology at his North Salt Lake office.

What is DIAGNOdent and how does it work?

DIAGNOdent uses laser technology to identify hidden or sub-surface cavities within the tooth structure. DIAGNOdent compares the reflection wavelength against a healthy baseline wavelength to discover areas of tooth decay. A benchmark reading is taken by aiming the laser onto a healthy portion of the tooth, after which the laser is used to check all other suspect areas. Cavities are now found earlier, which means they get treated before they develop into potentially painful conditions.

Root Canals

Dr. Stubbs is highly experienced with this common and very important dental procedure. A root canal procedure is when the inner portion of the tooth is cleaned out because of decay or infection, and then filled. This is necessary when a cavity reaches all the way to the pulp of a tooth, which is the vascularized inner part of a tooth full of loose connective tissue.

Sedation Dentistry

The dentist’s office can be a scary place. Even though we do all we can to make our office comfortable (it’s a beautiful place), some people just don’t feel at ease with any kind of dental experience. Dental sedation can be an important key to getting these individuals the dental care they need. Sedation with nitrous oxide, taken either orally or intravenously, can also be helpful with younger people who are overly energetic to sit still through a treatment. Dr. Stubbs, and experienced family dentist, will consult with you about the best type of sedation for you and your children. Read more…

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom tooth removal is a common part of the teenage years, as a way to prevent future oral issues of overcrowding and infection. The wisdom teeth, which are the third and final molars in the mouth, often grow in awkwardly, at wrong angles, or struggle to fully break out of the gums. This can lead to pain and misalignment, along with infection. Dr. Stubbs will keep a careful eye on your teeth as you come in for dental checkups, and let you know when the time is right to have wisdom teeth removed. Read more…